Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Checking out Comcast XFINITY at The Home of Distinction

Earlier this month I met up with a group of local bloggers at The Home of Distinction in North Haven, CT.  We were invited to check out all that Comcast XFINITY has to offer.  I was blown away, not only by the awesome model home which showcases the latest design trends and bulding materials, but by all that XFINITY has to offer!

 A great team of people from Comcast along with Sarah Cody, FOX Connecticut reporter and “Mommy Minute” columnist for The Hartford Courant were there to show us all the features of XFINITY X1, XFINITY Home and XFINITY Mobile Apps.  

Voice Activated Remote
 X1 is an IP based, interactive TV Operating System.  Some of the key features include a voice activated remote (how awesome!), specially tailored-for-TV apps (including Facebook and Pandora), Integrated Common Sense Media ratings and reviews - it will even show which shows are currently trending on social media, Kids Zone - a password protected safe way for kids to watch and explore TV, and X1 DVR with cloud technology - so you can stream recording across all your devices.

I really loved the Kids Zone. The kids have free range over the TV and you get peace of mind.  It can be tailored to several different age groups and includes all the channels on the TV. So, for example, if there is a children's movie on HBO it will be available in Kids Zone and as soon as the movie is over, it will not play whatever is next, it will bring the kids back to the Kids Zone menu - how cool! 

XFINITY MOBILE APPS are a series of eight downloadable apps for Comcast customers.  

With the Xfinity TV app you can stream live TV in your home or watch your DVRed shows on all your devices.  You can also view the guide and schedule X1 DVR recordings.  If you do not have X1 DVR, you can use the Xfinity TV Go app.  This app allows you to watch a selection of on demand series and popular movies.  You can even control your TV right from your devices with the Xfinity TV Remote app!

The Xfinity Home app works with the services provided by Xfinity Home to help monitor and control your home's security remotely.

All Xfinity customers are able to live stream and send photos and videos to a TV and on all your mobile devices with the use of the Xfinity Share app.

With Xfinity Connect customers are able to access their e-mail and Xfinity voice features like call log and call forwarding.  It also lets you make WiFi calls with complimentary Voice2go access. When paired with Xfinity WiFi, which shows you a map of Xfinity WiFi hotspots in the area, you practically don't even need cell service!  

XFINITY HOME offers home automation and security.  Customers get 24/7 professional monitoring that can be armed and disarmed remotely.  From your phone you can view live video feed of your home, unlock your doors, control the lights and thermostat and set up notifications to let you know when a door is opened or if there is water in your basement.  You can also put sensors on drawers and cabinets so you will be notified if someone is sneaking a snack! 

Don't you want all of this? Like right now? Xfinity is being offered in most of Comcast's major markets, so give them a call and see if it's available to you!

I was invited to this event by Comcast and received a goodie bag for my time.



Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Sun BrewFest 2015

We had a blast kicking off our 7th year of marriage at Mohegan Sun's BrewFest earlier this month.
There was music...



...these buffalo chicken pretzels from Arooga's were so good, I tried a bite of my husbands and it brought a tear to my eye it was so good.  I had to go and get my own!... and now I would like another, right now!

Okay, okay, I got side tracked by the delicious food. There was also a celebrity guest! We were psyched to meet Chef Duffy from one of our favorite shows, Bar Rescue.

...and of course, beer!!

With close to 60 breweries serving up over 200 types of beer, it was impossible for me to try them all, but I gave it my best shot!

Some of the beers I really enjoyed and would definitely purchase in the future were:

Harpoon Take 5 - Harpoon's newest session IPA is a great balanced, very drinkable IPA.  I loved that it packed a lot of flavor while maintaining a low ABV of only 4.3%.

Stone Stochasticity Project: HiFi & LoFi Mixtape - A special edition beer from Stone brewing which is a blend of fresh beer and barrel aged beer.  This American Strong Ale had a unique taste that I really enjoyed.

Davidson Brothers Irish Extra Stout - A really rich, tasty stout with hints of chocolate and coffee - yum!

Guiness Nitro IPA - Guiness, who invented nitrogenated stout has moved into the IPA game, and I like it.  A smooth and creamy, not so bitter IPA.  I wouldn't necessarily choose it if I was in the mood for an IPA, but it was a very drinkable beer.

We had an awesome time as always! Can't wait for next year!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

National Coffee Day Made Easy with Touch Beverages


Today is National Coffee Day!

We celebrated here by brewing up some single servings of L.A. Coffee in our new Touch T414S coffee brewer. Not only is the Touch fully compatible with ANY portion pack or K-Cup, it is also faster, quieter and more energy efficient!

The brewer is perfect for our house because we can each customize our cup of coffee. It offers five cup sizes (6, 8, 10, 12 or 14 ounces) and three brew strengths (mild medium or bold)

L.A. Coffee, which is Touch Coffee’s own brand of coffee with re-engineered XBold cup capsules. The XBold Cups have a larger capacity than most K-cups, allowing up to 30% more coffee per capsule. They also feature patent-pending Flavor Grooves, which swirl coffee grinds during the brewing process to extract the bold coffee flavor.

My favorite flavor is Pacific Sunrise, a light roast with a sweet, soothing flavor. I set the brewer on medium and it quickly makes a piping hot cup of coffee at the ideal temperature of between 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit!

This is an all around great brewer that makes an awesome coffee-house quality cup of joe. I would definitely recommend the Touch T414S to anyone who is shopping around for a single-serve coffee system.
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