Friday, October 7, 2011

Day Three: To Grandmother's House We Go

Last night was a big night, we went to my mother's house for dinner. We do this every Thursday night and normally everyone eats dinner while my husband and I try to get Cole to stay in his seat and plead with him to eat something, anything.

Last night was different. We sat him down at the table in between us and put a bowl of pasta and meat sauce (the same thing everyone else was eating) in front of him. He did his usual, said "Yuck, I don't like that!" and tried to squirm out of his chair. We told him he had to sit in his chair and that everyone else was eating the same thing and everyone else liked it. Then, something incredible happened. He picked up the spoon and put a noodle in his mouth and then another and another until they were half gone. My husband and I shot side way glances at each other as if to say "Do you see this! He's eating!" It was a joyous moment and I hope we have many more moments just like that!

We will make a good eater out of this kid one way or another!!!


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