Monday, October 17, 2011

Mamavation Monday: Pledging the Sistahood!

I've been tweeting with the mamavation girls for awhile now during the 2 Week Challenges and the 100 Day Burpee Challenge. For some reason something has been holding me back on actually pledging to be part of the sisterhood. I'm not really sure what it was exactly but now I know I need to make some changes.

Shortly after I started this blog about getting my son to be a less picky eater, my husband went to the doctor for a physical. We found out he has high cholesterol, the doctor suggested some diet changes and that he should start running. So in addition to the #100DayBurpeeChallenge (Day 78, woohoo!) I'm going to start making some important changes in my diet (and my husbands). First, cutting out all the processed junk! I bought tons of fruits & veggies and lean meats when I went grocery shopping this week. Also, I want to start doing the couch to a 5k program soon! I'm thinking at the beginning of November and I want to find a 5k to run with my husband (who has been running everyday for about a week and has already lost 7 lbs.!!!)

I look forward to tweeting with the mamavation girls and reading their blogs. It is so awesome to have a support system like this!

As for this weeks question: What parts of your body are you especially proud of right now? What makes you love them?

This was a little tough for me to answer, I thought about it for a long time and then it came to me when I lifted up my shirt and said to my husband, "This stinks, the more weight I lose & the more I exercise, the worse my stomach looks." I was referring to the wrinkly loose skin that covers my entire stomach. But why shouldn't I be proud of it? It's the stomach that carried my 2 boys to 41 weeks each and it's the skin that is having less and less to stretch around and I can feel it getting stronger and stronger each week.

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  1. First off, I'm so glad you're finally pledging to join mamavation - awesome!
    I love that you're taking active steps to better your family's life, and that your husband is part of it all too.
    Your mindset on your stomach & being proud of it is just as awesome!

  2. Yah!! Congrats on pledging to become a sista. Good luck in changing your family's life for the better. It's tough at first but you can do. Have a great week!

  3. Welcome to the group! I'm so excited to have you join us. :)

  4. So glad that you've pledged! It's great that you're taking the steps to make your entire family healthier. Props to your husband on his weight loss as well.

  5. Congratulations on taking a huge step by pledging and getting your family's nutrition and fitness levels where you want them. Tell your husband great job on the weight loss!


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