Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What I'm Striving For

I am striving for my family to be healthy & active

I never would have thought in a million years that my biggest struggle when becoming a parent would be getting my child to eat! I have literally tried every piece of advice I have gotten to get my son to eat something healthy. I've taken him grocery shopping, to the farmer's market, I made fruits & veggies fun, I constantly snack on healthy foods in front of him, i've bribed him, made a big deal if he tastes something and made him sit at the table until he put something in his mouth. Nothing has worked.

I have put so much energy into this and decided to take a little break for awhile. I mean, if it's overwhelming to me it is probably overwhelming to him. So instead of focusing on super healthy meals, they are healthy enough for now, i'm going to focus on having fun being active together as a family. I want to create great memories for my children while doing active things. We've had so much fun taking walks, hikes, going to the park, dancing with the wii & we're doing a family fun run 5k next week!!

Although I feel a little defeated with the food issue, I am so excited about all the active things we've been doing! I love finding new things for us to do and everyone looks forward to our activities!


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