Monday, December 5, 2011

Mamavation Monday: Creating a Better Fit

In the past 10 years I've been to the gym about 3 times. It's not because i'm lazy or hate exercise, it's because I feel awkward. The last time I went to the gym, it was just a huge room with every machine in it and space for weight lifting and floor exercises. Now, if you're like me and aren't a regular at the gym this can be a bit overwhelming. I remember I wanted to try out the elliptical, they were up on a platform, like a stage surrounded by mirrors. I could see the whole gym from up there, everyone effortlessly exercising. About 10 minutes in on the elliptical I was really starting to feel it, but as I looked around everyone else seemed fine. What was wrong with me? Why could everyone else do this so easily and I could not? I felt like a failure.

If there was something that the fitness industry could do to make the gym a better place for someone like me, it would be to split the gym into two rooms. One room would be for beginners, with all the same equipment and trainers there to help you with whatever you need. Everyone else in the room would just be starting out too so you would feel like you fit in. Then, when you're ready you can move into the more advanced room. Maybe you could do so with a buddy you met in the beginner room. I mean, if it was high school and you weren't good at math and they threw you into a class with people who were really good at math you would feel like a failure.

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  1. What a neat idea! It's true that you wouldn't send math whizzes into the same class as beginners. I've commented to myself at my own gym how I feel like I'm on stage when I'm on a cardio machine because they are right up there on a platform in front of the mirrors. Eeek!

  2. What is it with the cario equipment always being up on a platform?! You have a great idea about having a gym for beginners.

  3. I totally love the idea of the 2 room gym! That would be so very awesome!

  4. i like that idea of a beginner room that way you feel in place have an awesome week- lorrie


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