Monday, January 30, 2012

Mamavation Monday: Sweet Tooth

I've been so proud of myself lately, I can actually see the results of all my hard work. The time I put into exercising and eating right was well worth it. I've just felt great all around. Then, the weirdest thing started happening. People started bringing me food. Comparable to the amount of food we received after my dad passed away. Did something terrible happen? Am I living in some sort of delusional world where everything is fine and dandy while some tragedy is going on around me?

It started off harmless enough, my mother-in-law came over to watch the boys and she brought me some better-than-crack brownies. There weren't a ton and she had cut them into small pieces so I kept them in a fridge and popped on in my mouth when I was craving something sweet.

Then, other people started giving me sweets. Eclairs, shortbread squares, an assortment of home made cookies. The worst part is, they are all delicious. I can't stop eating them. Now, my sister texted me and told me her UC was acting up and she was going to go on a gluten-free diet again. Guess who she's giving all the girl scout cookies she ordered to? Yup. Me.

I really appreciate that people are thinking of me and feel the need to give me sweets, after all, it is well known that I have a huge sweet tooth. But, I would be just as happy with a fruit basket... or nothing at all!

Anyways, I am super excited about the twitter party tonight & I am so excited to find out who the next moms are going to be!!


  1. MAN- I feel your pain. My MIL does that to me all the time! I either have my husband give it away, OR, I throw it out. otherwise I'll eat it!

    Wendy @ the weights

  2. I'm sorry for your loss. My parents froze things that people brought them because my dad was doing a no carb thing. Maybe packaging the sweets up in single servings & tucking them away in the freezer would help. I find keeping sweets in single serve helps me tame my inner sweet monster.

    1. Thanks Megan, my dad passed away over 12 years ago... I probably should have added that in! But, I love your idea about freezing it!

  3. We had something similar when it was my hubby's birthday. He has lots of friends(girls) that like to bring him goodies. Strokes his ego a bit HAHA so It is very hard to resist. I often just take a BITE to satisfy my sweet tooth and get rid of the rest. I know it might be a bit wasteful but it will be better in the long run :)) Have a great week!

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