Monday, May 14, 2012

Mamavation Monday: I AM a runner.


I conquered the first 20 minute run on C25K and I think I earned the right to say, “I am a runner.”  It was such a great feeling when I finished.  The whole time I focused on my breathing, my pace and my foot placement. I learned that running had a lot to do with mind over matter. I kept thinking about how much I wanted to be able to get home and tell my mamavation sista’s that “I made it.” I ran 1.79 miles with a pace of 11:10 (I love technology!) A little more than half way to a 5K, but I’m getting there!

I had a great Mother’s Day yesterday, we spent it celebrating my son’s first birthday with a pirate party! I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

I’m excited about mamavation tv tonight and hearing about camping.  Our family loves camping but I could definitely use some tips for camping with the little ones!


I took this picture when we were camping last year, we borrowed a pop-up camper and this is my son looking out the window at the sunrise one morning.

Here is where I am at in my challenges and I decided to add my burpee challenge that I completed to the list because, well, I’m pretty darn proud of it! I also plan on keeping the other challenges on the list once they are done too!

C25K – finished through week 6 day 1

100 Pushups – finished through week 2 day 3

Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred – finished through week 1 day 4

100 Day Burpee Challengefinished 11/8/11 !

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  1. You my dear are an exercise machine!! Congrats on breaking thru the 20 mins! I still hate running.. but after mile 3 it's easy breezy. I'm gonna do a burpee challenge next month. Wanna fully commit to the squats for now. They are killing me! But I'm loving it too!

    Congrats on your achievements!!

  2. That's so awesome! I would kill to be able to run a mile non-stop. WAY TO GO!

  3. Way to go! You are killing the challenges :-)

  4. Yes! You ARE a runner! And you have a great pace too. Great job, girl!

  5. Great job on all of your challenges!! Congrats on completing the 20 minute run, you'll be running for an hour straight in no time :)

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