Monday, May 21, 2012

Mamavation Monday



I had a great week! I love when the weather is nice and I get to spend time with my family.  I’ve just been working on my workout challenges and getting ready for the 5K this weekend!! I really want to be able to run the whole thing but, I won’t be disappointed if I can’t.  I don’t want to go crazy trying to push myself this week to get up to the 3.1 miles because I am scared I will over train and get sick and not be able to go at all!

Here is where I am at with my challenges:

C25K – finished through week 6 day 2

100 Pushups – finished through week 3 day 1

Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred – finished week 1

100 Day Burpee Challengefinished 11/8/11 !

This post is sponsored by Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway


  1. Good luck on your 5k, even if you need to interval run, completing it will feel awesome!

  2. Wow girl, you are doing great!! Have fun at your 5k I bet youll do greaet!

  3. I'm doing Jillian Michael's too! :) Looking forward to getting to know you better as well!

  4. Look at you with all those challenges! Holy cow! You're going to kill that 5k this weekend!

  5. Good luck on your 5k! You're smart not over training-I over trained for a 5k around Thanksgiving, got a sinus/ear infection and blew out my ear drum. I've had ear problems ever since. You've got quite the workout regimen going on, and you're doing fabulous! Keep up the great work!

  6. Good luck with your 5K this weekend!!

  7. Hope your 5K went well, love your positivity.

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