Sunday, June 24, 2012

5K Recap

This weekend I ran in an Irish Festival 5K with my sister.  My husband was out of town for a work conference so my boys came with me in the double jogger.  They had a kids fun run before the 5K so I signed my 3 year old up, the 6 and under kids had to run .35 miles.  He was a little nervous about it but I ran along side him on the side line and he really had fun! I was so proud of him.  They gave all the kids a ribbon for finishing plus they all got t-shirts and run bibs!


After the fun run we loaded him in the stroller with his brother and waited for the 5K to start.  He hates riding in strollers and is usually adamant about not going in. So, I did what any good mother would do, I bribed him! I offered him a trip to the museum, swimming at his grandma’s and face painting at the Irish fest.  Thank God it worked!


So the race began and first I started feeling the heat, it was HOT outside. 90 degrees to be exact! Then, I started feeling the weight of the stroller.  I am not used to running with the stroller and it should have dawned of me ahead of time to go out a few times for trial runs! Luckily my sister was there and we kept passing it back and forth but, between the stroller and the heat we just could not run the entire thing! We did finish though, it took us about 42 minutes.  So sadly I have not completed my goal of doing a 5K and running the whole thing, but that just means I have to keep trying!

We got free admittance into the Irish Festival for doing the 5K and despite the heat we had fun! (Even though there was no face painting!)


Doesn’t he look so happy with his frozen lemonade?


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