Monday, June 18, 2012

Mamavation Monday: Great Heights


I hope everyone had a great week! This was my son’s last week of preschool and they had a cute little graduation ceremony for the kids on Friday. It was really cute, they even got little graduation caps for all the kids!  He will still be in preschool next year but since he goes to a Montessori school, all the different age groups do everything together.

Saturday was my sister’s birthday and she wanted to celebrate by taking a hike.  We decided to go to Bear Mountain which is part of the Appalachian Trail and borders CT, MA and NY.  It is also the highest peak in Connecticut! It was a long, strenuous hike and I’m really proud of myself for doing it! It took about 4.5 hours and I got close to 17,000 steps in!

IMG_2498 Stitch

This was the view from the top, it was breathtaking! You could see all three states!

This week will be spent trying to work out a schedule for us now that my 3 year old will be home all day, I’m hoping that I will still be able to run but I think the majority of it will take place in the gym now.  Which, I think will be good, it has been really humid and it’s been a little hard to breathe when I’m out running!

Here’s where I’m at with the challenges I’m working on:

C25K – finished through week 8 day 3

100 Pushups – finished through week 3 day 2

Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred – finished through week 2 day 1

100 Day Burpee Challengefinished 11/8/11 !

I didn’t get a lot done as far as my challenges go, so my goal this week will be to chip away at my challenges and drink more water.

This post is sponsored by Dole and hosted by Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway.


  1. I'd say this week was totally successful! Great job with that hike. And yes, that's a BEAUTIFUL view!! :)

  2. beautiful view - I am from CT but never had the opportunity to go there :(

  3. Beautiful View! I can't wait to hit the trails when I go home to the mountains. What a great birthday idea your sister had.
    Fingers crossed you can hit the gym as often as you are hoping for with all the kiddos home.

  4. What a view!! You are absolutely rocking. I can only dream of getting that much accomplished!!

  5. Love the view! Great job on completing the challenges!

  6. Great way to get your steps with that view. Congrats on your challenges

  7. Wow! 17,000 steps is amazing!!! Great job this week!

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