Thursday, July 12, 2012

O Story Story App Review

I recently received copies of a new line of interactive picture book and learning game apps for children by Parenting called O Story Story.  There are three different stories in the series and each has an additional spelling game app for download as well. 

There are two different modes for the picture book apps, the “read to me” mode your child just has to watch and listen as the pages turn and each word is highlighted as it is read aloud to them and the “I can read” mode your child can read at their own pace. They can slide through the different scenes and flip the pages.  If they get stuck, they simply have to touch the sentence to have it read to them.  The pictures are also interactive and there are some puzzles and spelling flash cards along the way!

There is a separate spelling app for each story and includes pictures and words that correspond with the story.  I love how the spelling apps are set up.  It was really easy for my 3 year old to figure out.  It says each letter as it is placed correctly and spells and says the whole word once all the tiles are placed.


The stories themselves are great and educational too!

My son’s favorite is Max Moo and The Pig In The Blanket.


It follows Barnyard Detective Max Moo as he helps Mooreen Moody figure out why the barn is so cold. There are interactive animations and pop-ups to spell words or that ask if items are hot or cold. There is a matching game and a “Hot or Cold” game included with the story book app. 



Wendy’s Giant List of Things To Do is a cute story about a little girl who is procrastinating before nap time. There are a ton of interactive pictures that when touched, will either label the item or animate it.  The only thing I did not like about this app was that the “I can read” and “Read to me” buttons were switched around so it wasn’t consistent with the other stories in the series.  Also, when it said the hints were on, they were actually off and vice versa.  This app also includes a matching game.


When Things Go Wrong With Robots is a funny story about a boy who is imagining all the things a robot could do for him if built one.  After he thinks of the good things a robot could do, he thinks about what would happen if the robot did the opposite. My son thinks this story is pretty silly! It has interactive puzzles, spelling pop ups and animations.  There is a matching game and a puzzle game included with this app.

I really love these apps, they are the perfect combination of fun and educational.  They keep my 3 year olds attention and I think they will be great for a long car trip we are taking later this summer! They are available on the iPad, Kindle and Nook tablet devices and on the iPhone as well.

Parenting’s O Story Story collection includes:


*I received free copies of these apps in order to facilitate a review, all opinions are my own.*


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