Saturday, August 4, 2012

Where I Was 2 Years Ago

It’s Day 4 of the August Healthy Living / Fitness Blogger Writing Challenge and today’s question is:

“How have you changed in the past two years?”

Two years ago I had a very energetic and curious little toddler who I had a VERY hard time keeping up with.  I was completely out of shape and the thought of doing something to fix that never even crossed my mind. 

boy on beach

In August of 2010 my husband and I decided to try for baby number two and on August 28th, I found out I was pregnant! That was easy!


Soon after my second son was born, I took my boys for a walk around the neighborhood in the double stroller.  I was so exhausted, I almost didn’t make it home. I was only a few blocks from my house but I just wanted to sit on a park bench and cry. Defeated.

Through the powers of twitter (lol) I found Pamela Kramer and the #100DayBurpeeChallenge! I started it at the beginning of August 2011 and I’m pretty stinkin’ proud to say that I finished all 100 days!

Pamela was part of this awesome group of women called Mamavation and sometime during those 100 days of burpees I joined up with them and officially became a Sista of the Mamavation Sistahood!

I’m so happy that I did, they are awesome, encouraging, empowering and pretty freakin’ hilarious. Since joining them I have completed five 5K’s and learned so much about exercise and healthy living.

Looking back, I can honestly say that these last 2 years have been great and I am pretty sure the years will just keep getting better!



  1. Congratulations on coming so far! And also a huge congratulations for finishing the 100 days of burpees challenge. That's awesome!

  2. Happy to be apart of it! You did great and look at all that confidence you have gained! Awesome!

  3. I love you Sarie! Please email me and tell me how to put a picture next to all my stupid comments, love GaGa


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