Saturday, September 29, 2012


A few weeks ago I was super excited to learn about FITWEEK!

“FITWEEK New Haven is a weeklong event that rallies the Greater New Haven community around being active!”

During the week there is free access to fitness facilities and classes and also a 10,000 step a day challenge!

This morning, I headed up to Bishop’s Orchards for the 10K Step Challenge ‘step off’.  This was the first in a series of walks that have been planned by the Fitweek organizers. Although the weather wasn’t that great today, we still had fun!


My little guy loved the pumpkins and the tractor (I swear, he loved the tractor and didn’t want to get down!)


We watched a cooking demo by Claire Criscuolo of Claire's Corner Copia and Basta and Dr. Anees Chagpar of Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale New Haven Hospital. They made “Connecticut Slaw” and it was so yummy, the baby even liked it!


We also heard from the community leaders who are participating in the 10,ooo step challenge.


I “borrowed” this picture from the fitweek facebook page because the one I took was unflattering for everyone involved!

Pictured from left to right: Sonia Baghdady of WTNH, Tony Rescigno of Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce, Claire Criscuolo of Claire's Corner Copia and Basta, Jim Torgerson of The United Illuminating Company, Dr. Anees Chagpar of Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale New Haven Hospital & Shana from the Fitweek team!

Fitweek starts on October 1st and runs through October 7th, there is still time to sign up for a variety of free activities.  I am signed up for Intro to Crossfit and Intro to Indoor Rock Climbing! There are so many different things to sign up for. I would really encourage you to look through what they have to offer and give something new a try! What do you have to lose?

Plus, if you participate in one of the events they are holding throughout the week, you can enter to win prizes like a fitbit ultra! I won one today and am so excited!! I can’t wait to wear it to the fitweek classes I’m taking!


Are you planning on participating in Fitweek? What new form of exercise have you been dying to try out?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Free FRANKENWEENIE Passes!–Plainville, CT



10 2 12Plainville Seeitfirst

From creative genius Tim Burton (“Alice in Wonderland,” The Nightmare Before Christmas”) comes “Frankenweenie,” a heartwarming tale about a boy and his dog. After unexpectedly losing his beloved dog Sparky, young Victor harnesses the power of science to bring his best friend back to life—with just a few minor adjustments. He tries to hide his home-sewn creation, but when Sparky gets out, Victor’s fellow students, teachers and the entire town all learn that getting a new “leash on life” can be monstrous.

A stop-motion animated film, “Frankenweenie” was filmed in black and white and rendered in 3D. The talented voice cast includes: Catherine O’Hara, Martin Short, Martin Landau, Charlie Tahan, Atticus Shaffer, Robert Capron, Conchata Ferrell and Winona Ryder.

Presented by Disney, “Frankenweenie” is directed by Tim Burton, produced by Tim Burton and Allison Abbate, from a screenplay by John August, based on an original idea by Tim Burton. “Frankenweenie” releases in U.S. theaters on October 5, 2012.

To download tickets go to and enter the code: 722605 OR click here.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Earthies Review and Giveaway!

My mother, on top of many other talents, is a sewing professional.  She has been making her own clothing since she was in high school and her father owned a high-end men’s clothing store while she was growing up.

For as long as I can remember, every time we would go shopping for clothing or shoes she would point out things that were well-made.  She would be so excited about finding a quality item that I would be excited too.  When I opened up my box of new Earthies boots, I had that excited feeling.  I couldn’t wait to show my mom my new boots because I knew she would love them and appreciate how well-made they were.

I received The Chara boot from Earthies and they are easily my favorite new boots.  I, of course, had to put them on the minute I got them.  The first thing I noticed when I slipped them on was that they were comfortable.  Really freakin’ comfortable. I hadn’t even stood up yet but, the lining was so soft and they fit me like a glove.  I’m pretty sure that they were actually even more comfortable than not wearing any shoes at all.  And I am bare foot A LOT.


Why are they so comfortable? Here is a diagram of how the Earthies Wellness Footbed works:


From Earth, Inc. - a company with a more than 40-year reputation in the design and manufacture of comfortable shoes that are good for the body – comes an entirely new concept in healthy fashion shoes … Earthies®. In complement to its´ casual line of Kalso Earth® wellness shoes, the new Earthies® collection is defined by a range of elegant, gorgeously-designed shoes for work, dress casual, and even dress wearing occasions. To support the new collection´s tagline – “Wellness. Elevated.” – every Earthies® comfortable heel or comfortable wedge features a unique wellness footbed with a cupped heel, anatomic arch support, and cradle toe area. The Earthies® line is designed for women who care about their personal health and longevity and – when it comes to footwear – are not willing to compromise their appetite for fashion at the expense of whole-body comfort that´s integral to their healthy outlook and perspective.

Okay, so now you know that their shoes are well-made and super comfortable.  Would you believe that they are really cute and stylish, too? You should, because they are.  I would not wear ugly shoes just because they were comfortable. Check out all their gorgeous styles here!

You want a pair, don’t you? Don’t worry, I’m giving a pair away! Enter below for your chance to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*PLEASE NOTE: If you win you will receive a pair of Earthies brand shoes. They may be a different style and/or color than the one pictured in this post.

I received a pair of Earthies brand shoes in order to facilitate this review.  Earthies is also providing the prize for the winner of the giveaway.  As always, all opinions are my own.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Mamavation Monday


I hope everyone had a great week! I am happy to say that we have adjusted to school life around here.  The whole get the kid to school/run errands/exercise/housework/ have the baby take a nap routine is starting to get easier. 

I’ve been following along with the work outs that Mark posted in the forums for the Mamavation Mom pre-graduate campaign. This week has been arms and running, which is good because I am signed up for a 5K for this Sunday and I haven’t been running as often as I used to! It’s amazing how quickly my stamina for running went away.  I went about a month with out running because it was too hard to breathe in the gross, muggy, end of summer air.  The weather is cool now and running is actually enjoyable again!

I ran just under 2 miles on Saturday and I’ve been taking bike rides and walks with the kids and I also have 3 runs planned for this week, so hopefully I will be 5K ready!

This post is sponsored by Beanitos and hosted by Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention &weight loss for women and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway

Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Trip to MAM USA

Last night I had the opportunity to visit the MAM USA Corporate office and be a part of their Parents Network. And…if you live in the tri-state area, keep an eye on the MAM facebook page because they are going to be having more of these meetings.  I thought it was really great because they didn’t invite us there to tell us about how great their products were or try to convince us that they were the best.  They invited us because they wanted to know what we thought about their products and how they could improve.  I love companies like that!

MAM is a small Austrian company that came to the USA about 30 years ago.  They started off making pacifiers and they have now expanded to making bottles and cups, teethers and oral care. Their products combine outstanding design, optimal functionality and medical know-how.


My first son loved MAM he used the pacifiers from the start, they were “the one” and they seem to be “the one” for several other babies that I know.  (OMG, he is turning 4 in a month. I can’t believe it!) We also used their bottles with him, although he wasn’t as picky with which bottles he used.  The kid liked to eat!..errr…drink! My younger son is more of a boob and thumb man, so I feel like I’m missing out on so many cute pacifiers and bottles. I’m pretty sure my older son had the entire line of MAM pacifiers when he was a baby – I am an addict!!



I mean, they are really cute, right? Maybe I should take up pacifier use.

Okay, okay, I’m kidding!

Those MAM Night ones on the end even glow-in-the-dark! How awesome!


There were a couple other products that MAM makes that had features that really stood out to me.


  • The MAM Perfect is a new product that is currently only available at Walgreens. It is 60% thinner and 3 times softer than an average pacifier. It was developed with Orthodontists & Pediatric Dentists and was designed to reduce the risk of misaligned teeth. Plus, if you put a few drops of water in the plastic case & pop it in the microwave, it will sterilize the pacifier!



  • The MAM Teething & Brushing Set includes a teething brush & training toothbrush. They both have extra-long handles to clean and brush together. The teething brush is for massaging sensitive gums and the training toothbrush is for cleaning first teeth. Both brushes have a tongue cleaner on the bottom that can also be used to massage the gums.




  • The MAM Clip & Cover is a pacifier clip that is designed for one-handed use and it also has a cover attached to it.  So when your baby is not using their pacifier it can stay clipped and clean!





You can check out the entire line of MAM products on the MAM USA website and you can even design your own pacifier there!

Disclosure: I received products and compensation for my time at the MAM Parents Network meeting. However, this was not a blogging event and I was NOT asked to write about my experience or their products. As always, all opinions are my own.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

#Mamavation #2weekchallenge Wrap-up and Arctic Ease Review

One of the things that gives me great motivation to work out is a good challenge.  One of my favorite challenges is the Mamavation 2 Week Challenge.  The work outs are straight forward and effective. The 2 Week Challenge head honcho, @MrBookieboo always includes videos on how to do the moves in each workout and this time around there was also a pinterest board with every workout video. So, so helpful.

Another reason the videos are important is because proper form while exercising is so important. Using proper form will help prevent injury, it will make your workout more effective and your body will transform faster.  If you are not sure, watch the videos a few times and practice in front of the mirror or have someone watch you and let you know if you look like the video. My husband is great for that!

2weekchallengeSo, even though I am aware of how important proper form is, something happened on Day 11 of the 2 week challenge.  I was doing “Scorcher” which consists of burpees, lunges, squats and mountain climbers.  My husband wasn’t home so I was indulging in some great, mindless, reality tv.  I may have been distracted by Snooki & JWoww and I lunged wrong and pulled a muscle in my thigh.  Lucky for me, this round of the 2 week challenge was graciously sponsored by Arctic Ease.

“Arctic Ease® wraps are a two-in-one solution that provides both cryotherapy and compression. Cryotherapy is just the fancy word for cold therapy. Compression helps by removing inflammation, whether from arthritis, muscle pains, strains, sprains, repetitive motion injuries, minor burns or bruises.

Once Arctic Ease® wraps are applied they'll stay where you put them. Arctic Ease wraps can be used before, during and after exercise. Arctic Ease® wraps and pads are odor free and contain no additives, medications, menthol, or alcohol. Best of all the Arctic Ease products stay at a temperature just above 59 degrees1 so that they can be worn for hours safely!”


Okay, I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical. I opened the jar and the wrap looked gooey, but it wasn’t.  It didn’t feel cold, but it was.  What was this magical thing? I wrapped it around my leg and pressed the end onto the wrap for a few seconds like the directions said.  It stuck together and stayed put! Magic. My leg still hurt but the cold felt nice.  I headed off to bed and when  woke up with the baby about 5 hours later, it was still cold. How amazing!

When I woke up the next morning, about 9 hours after I had first put the wrap on, it was almost completely dried out. But, it still felt cold! And my leg felt a lot better! I had my husband try it too.  His job is very physical and he always has aches and pains.  He loved it too!

Okay, so, back to the challenge.  Despite my small injury and some not-so-great eating, I still managed to lose 1 pound and 2 inches. 

If you are looking for some great workout motivation or you want to break through a weight loss plateau I would definitely recommend the 2 Week Challenge! Mark Segedie aka @MrBookieboo really does a great job putting it together and he is constantly evolving it to make it better.  Plus, he tweets you daily to motivate you to do the workouts and is very helpful if you need to make adjustments.  To date, participants of the 2 Week Challenges have lost a total of 798 pounds and 583 inches and those numbers don’t even include the challenge that just ended!

I received the Arctic Ease wrap for free for being a participant in the 2 week challenge. However, I was not asked to write a review.  I did because it worked great. As always, all opinions are my own.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Mamavation Monday


Thank God for the 2 week challenge.  These past two weeks have been a little rough.  Nothing too crazy, but enough to knock me off track.  If I hadn’t been motivated by the 2 week challenge and @MrBookieboo reminding me to work out, I probably would have lazed around and had a tough time getting back on track.

During the first week of the challenge my youngest son had a double ear infection. I got close to zero sleep for the first half of the week.  The second week my older son started preschool which sort of threw off our schedules and then TOM came. I kept forgetting to make myself breakfast on the mornings my son had school.  I would feed the boys and get them dressed and about 10 minutes before we had to go I would realize I was feeling light-headed and I would scarf down a bowl of cereal.

Despite all this, I still managed to lose 1 lb. Woohoo, I’ll take it! Plus, since I kept working out, the pendulum is still swinging. I want to keep working out! Yesterday I went for two walks and I took my younger son for a test ride in the bike trailer. My older son has about 20 lbs. on him so I figured I would test it out with my little peanut!

bike trailer

This post is sponsored by Beanitos and hosted by Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Hotel Transylvania 3D Prize Pack & Ticket Giveaway!


Welcome to Hotel Transylvania, Dracula's lavish five-stake resort, where monsters and their families can live it up, free to be the monsters they are without humans to bother them.  On one special weekend, Dracula has invited some of his best friends - Frankenstein and his wife, the Mummy, the Invisible Man, the Werewolf family, and more - to celebrate his beloved daughter Mavis's 118th birthday.  For Drac, catering to all of these legendary monsters is no problem - but everything could change for the overprotective dad when one ordinary guy stumbles on the hotel and takes a shine to Mavis.

118 is the new 18… if you are a monster! I love the synopsis of Columbia Pictures new movie Hotel Transylvania.  It’s like a coming of age film with a twist.  I can’t wait to see it! It hits theaters September 28th – just in time to get you in the Halloween spirit!

But, if you live in the Connecticut area, you can click here for a chance to win advance screening passes for September 22nd at 10AM in Plainville, CT!

If you don’t live in CT, don’t worry! I wouldn’t leave you out! I have a great prize pack to giveaway packed with Hotel Transylvania merchandise:

Prize Pack

Complete with a Hotel Transylvania activity book, a book cover, erasers, activity sheets and a poster!

If you would like to win the prize pack, all you have to do is leave a comment here telling me what your favorite movie theater snack is!

For an extra entry each day tweet:

Win! A Hotel Transylvania prize pack or advanced screening tickets from @MamaSarahJane #win #giveaway

Then come back here and leave a comment with your tweet!

Prize pack giveaway ends on 9/28 at Midnight EST. Winner will be picked via and notified by e-mail.

Disclaimer: I was provided with fifty (50) advanced screening tickets and one (1) prize pack to giveaway to my readers. As always, all opinions are my own.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Stop Being Scared. Just Live.

I wish someone had told me to stop being scared and just to live life a long time ago. Maybe they did, but I needed to learn it on my own.  I always need to learn things on my own.

I’ve spent most of my life afraid of the “what ifs” – justifying myself with “can’ts” “What if I fail?” “What if people laugh at me?” “I can’t do that!” But, you know what? The “what ifs” do not matter and you do not know if you “can’t” do something if you don’t even try.  I was being crippled by my fear. But, the thing about that is it wasn’t like I was actually crippled.  I was perfectly able to try the things I longed to do. So, why not?

I guess something must have clicked in my head this year.  I think maybe it was the empowerment I felt from the awesome women who are a part of Mamavation.  I have started trying so many new things.  Sometimes I’m scared and sometimes I’m not but I am always so happy that I tried.  I am no longer sitting back and hearing about things that others are doing and thinking to myself, “how awesome, I wish I could do that.” Because, why can’t I?

I had always loved the idea of running but I always thought that I was not a runner but, I am a runner! In fact, I have participated in five 5Ks this year.  Something I always wanted to do.  I faced my fear of heights at an aerial adventure park.  I have now been there twice.  I even retried one of the courses that I was scared s***less on the first time I went! I went to a blogger meet up with a bunch of people I have never met before, even though I usually refer to myself as “shy” and “socially awkward”.  (Okay, okay one of my Mamavation sista’s, Wendy was there. Thankfully!!) I’ve tried kayaking and I even jumped into 50 feet of water to go for a swim!

Now, there is event called Fitweek coming up in my area and they are offering a ton of fitness activities and classes for free! I signed up for Intro to Crossfit and Intro to Indoor Rock Climbing. Yeah, I never would have done that before. In fact, when I was at sleep away camp when I was younger there was a climbing wall.  I ended up sobbing hysterically at the bottom of it when they tried to make me climb it.  Now, I can’t wait crush that fear!

I have time for one more class during Fitweek, too. I’m trying to decide between Women’s Self Dense or Intro to Belly Dancing, which would you choose?

Have you ever faced a fear or are there any fears you would love to face? What is holding you back?

Monday, September 3, 2012

Mamavation Monday


Happy Labor Day everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying this unofficial last week of summer! I spent some time at the zoo with the kids, enjoyed a little date night with my husband and got to visit the local adventure park for some obstacles in the tree tops.  My youngest son is unfortunately sick today, he had a high fever all last night and no one really got a lot of sleep. 

Last week I followed along with the mamavation mom workouts – they are tough! I was sore for most of the week. Today I am starting the new 2 Week Challenge! I’m so excited with all this new motivation I found recently and I’m trying to keep it going.

I wanted to give a big congratulations to the two women chosen to be the next Mamavation Moms! Rachel @RachHabs and Tina @madhattermom.  I can’t wait to follow along with your journeys and cheer you on. 

This post is sponsored by Dole and hosted by Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway.

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