Sunday, September 9, 2012

Stop Being Scared. Just Live.

I wish someone had told me to stop being scared and just to live life a long time ago. Maybe they did, but I needed to learn it on my own.  I always need to learn things on my own.

I’ve spent most of my life afraid of the “what ifs” – justifying myself with “can’ts” “What if I fail?” “What if people laugh at me?” “I can’t do that!” But, you know what? The “what ifs” do not matter and you do not know if you “can’t” do something if you don’t even try.  I was being crippled by my fear. But, the thing about that is it wasn’t like I was actually crippled.  I was perfectly able to try the things I longed to do. So, why not?

I guess something must have clicked in my head this year.  I think maybe it was the empowerment I felt from the awesome women who are a part of Mamavation.  I have started trying so many new things.  Sometimes I’m scared and sometimes I’m not but I am always so happy that I tried.  I am no longer sitting back and hearing about things that others are doing and thinking to myself, “how awesome, I wish I could do that.” Because, why can’t I?

I had always loved the idea of running but I always thought that I was not a runner but, I am a runner! In fact, I have participated in five 5Ks this year.  Something I always wanted to do.  I faced my fear of heights at an aerial adventure park.  I have now been there twice.  I even retried one of the courses that I was scared s***less on the first time I went! I went to a blogger meet up with a bunch of people I have never met before, even though I usually refer to myself as “shy” and “socially awkward”.  (Okay, okay one of my Mamavation sista’s, Wendy was there. Thankfully!!) I’ve tried kayaking and I even jumped into 50 feet of water to go for a swim!

Now, there is event called Fitweek coming up in my area and they are offering a ton of fitness activities and classes for free! I signed up for Intro to Crossfit and Intro to Indoor Rock Climbing. Yeah, I never would have done that before. In fact, when I was at sleep away camp when I was younger there was a climbing wall.  I ended up sobbing hysterically at the bottom of it when they tried to make me climb it.  Now, I can’t wait crush that fear!

I have time for one more class during Fitweek, too. I’m trying to decide between Women’s Self Dense or Intro to Belly Dancing, which would you choose?

Have you ever faced a fear or are there any fears you would love to face? What is holding you back?


  1. It is so awesome you found a way to move on. I feel like I burned 10 years of my life by not doing anything. Way to Go and Good Luck

  2. Way to go! It's hard to let go of those inside feelings of negativity on ourselves, but so empowering.
    Super excited for you to take these classes. I love rock climbing, not the harnesses, but that's the negative voice in my head, lol.
    You're a rock star!

  3. oooh. Belly dancing would be fun. But, I think Self Defense is also so important!!

  4. I am so scared to start running again. In a 5K I tried to run a year ago I fell and hurt my ankle. Then in May of this year I was running to 1st base playing wiffle ball and fell and fractured my elbow. I haven't ran since. I am so afraid that I will fall again! Your post is inspiring though and I am going to start slowly but I think I can! Have a great week!

  5. fantastic job conquering your fears & giving up the what ifs. That is an awesome accomplishment.

  6. It's so wonderful to see you stand up and say you're a runner! I swear this whole fitness journey is about finding the foods that work with your body and the workout that makes your body challenged but happy :)

  7. I would choose self-defense. I'm not much into belly dancing and I think self-defense serves more than one purpose.

    Congrats on the 5K! I have never enjoyed running. I ran better if there was some sort of competitive edge though, I will admit.


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