Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Music Together of Fairfield County


On Monday I took Ty to his first music class.  It was actually the first sort of ‘Mommy and me’ class that I had ever taken either of my kids too.  (Not without the best intentions to do so, though!) I was a little nervous because he had woken up 2 hours earlier than he normally does and started to get a little fussy as we were getting ready to leave. He can also be a bit shy when we are around new people, but I hoped for the best and we headed out!

We arrived about 10 minutes early and met the teacher who couldn’t have been nicer! Ty warmed up to her right away – such a relief! Since we were early, she told us all about their ‘Draw Your Musical Family Sweepstakes’ that is being held for Music Together’s 25th Anniversary.  She gave us some crayons and paper so we could create our own entry while we waited for everyone to arrive.

Once everyone was there we sat in a big circle and sang the ‘Hello song’.  I loved that we sang a ‘hello’ to each child and I was super impressed that the teacher, who happened to be a substitute on this day, remembered everyone’s names! We sang a few more songs as a group.  There were hand motions, there was dancing and there was a bunch of great improv! The teacher explained why she was doing different things along the way and encouraged the moms to join in so the little ones would learn by example.

I really like the laid-back nature of the class, the children weren’t forced to do anything they didn’t want to do.  Plus, everything we were doing would normally have been way outside of my comfort zone, but somehow I felt perfectly comfortable doing it! There I was, dancing around and singing with a bunch of people I had just met.  I was having so much fun in fact, I didn’t snap any pictures! (So unlike me!) I promise, I’ll take some next week!!

We can’t wait to go back! And there was one more thing I wanted to add . – When they collect the instruments from the kids, they put the ones that may have gone in a mouth in a separate basket to clean. I’m a germaphobe and I love that!

If you have a minute, please check out the Music Together of Fairfield County website.  They have a lot of great information about why music is so important for our kids! They are also on facebook and twitter, if you would like to follow them for updates.


  1. Sounds like a great day and a fun experience! I wish I'd done this sort of thing when my boys were younger.

  2. This sounds like so much fun! I take my little dude to the library weekly. He loves it! And they're smart about putting all items into a big bag for cleaning!!

  3. It is so awesome that you had fun - I love all the circle time activities


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