Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Our Semester with Music Together



Yesterday Ty and I went to his last class with Music Together of Fairfield County.  He of course had a blast like always, but I was a little sad that it was ending! I had so much fun each week watching him have fun and learning and growing through music.  But, he wasn’t the only one learning!


Our teacher gave us a sheet of paper on the last day that explained the parent’s experience with Music Together throughout different semesters.  I have to say, it’s pretty spot-on.

During the first semester….

  • You and your child share the joy of making music, learning a whole repertoire of songs, movements, and playful activities.  At home, you and your child look through the songbook and play with musical ideas.
  • You discover the pleasures of having a CD filled with music that both you and your child know and love.
  • As your child responds to your musical play, you understand the importance of modeling, regardless of your own musical ability.
  • You and your child begin to develop musical relationships with other families through ensemble singing and group dancing in class.
  • You enjoy sharing your child’s delight in his growing relationship with Music Together teacher – possibly his very first classroom teacher!
  • You discover a new place for music in your life: you and your child sing your favorite songs together, and incorporate lullabies into your bedtime routines.

As you continue with Music Together and attend more semesters, your experience evolves!  I’m hoping to enroll Ty in another semester soon!

If you are in the Fairfield County area, you can enroll now for the Winter 2013 semester!


  1. I think my mom used to take me to things like this at our local Gymboree when I was little! This looks really fun and a great way for both parent and child to bond.


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