Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year’s Goals… a week later

I’m not really a fan of the whole New Year’s resolution thing. Mostly because it is widely known for setting people up for failure.  I like goals though, something achievable that you are able to work towards. I had already started making goals in my head as 2013 approached but decided I needed to get them out there and solidify them! I am also going to try to make an update each week in my mamavation post on how I’m doing with reaching my goals. Most of them involve running, but I’m sure I’ll think of more as the year goes on, so I can just add to my list!

2013 Goals

Run 13 5Ks – I signed up for the #13in2013 challenge and I’ve already run my first race, 12 more to go!

Run 365 miles this year – I don’t usually get the chance to go running every day but I think a collective 7 miles a week should be doable & get me to get out there and go running! So far this year I’ve run 9.7 miles.  I’ve been tracking with dailymile.

Run a 30 minute or less 5K – The couch to 5K app I used on my phone when I started running has a “5K improvement plan” I started it today and ran just over a 5K (3.17 miles) in 34:58!

Okay! Enough with the running goals!

Read 5 books – I hardly ever find the time to read, but I love too! I was able to read 3 books last year (okay it was the 50 shades series.) So, I think I should be able to get in at least 5 this year! Any suggestions?

Do a split – Yes, feel free to laugh.  I just always thought it was awesome when someone was able to do a split so I turned to my most reliable source of information. Google. And looked up the stretches you should do if you want to be able to do a split. I’ve been working on doing them everyday.  This actually doing me some good already because I always forget to stretch!

I also have a goal just for the month of January of getting the kids playroom organized! I’ve been working on it little by little and I’m starting to think I probably should have made this a year long goal as well!!! Haha.

This post is sponsored by Schick Intuition and hosted by Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway.


  1. You go Sarie! Try the Janet Evanovich series of thrillers - the Stephanie Plum ones are my fave - Stratford libray has tons of them, and I do to. Will put them out for Thursday. love, Gaggy

  2. WOW lady I am impressed and well wow. I love your motivation and your goals. I love that you are out there trying! Keep it up. BTW you have me looking for the couch 2 5k app as I type this :)

  3. You have some amazing goals!! I love that you have a mile goal for the year - so great!

  4. I love your goals. I should se t some running one for myself. I want to get out but with a goal or a plan my butt stays on the couch. As for books I love Jodi Picoult

  5. the split goal is so fun and if you can do it i will be WAYYY impressed! i don't know if i ever could! i highly suggest you join if you haven't already, it'll totally keep you enthused about books and you'll surpass 5 for sure i bet. you can even join their reading challenge and add the widget to your blog sidebar, which shows your progress. and how awesome that you already have 1 of the 13 5Ks down, and in winter too, good for you! i bet in summer/fall it'll be easy to find some. i still remember the thrill when i did my first sub-30 5K - such a great goal! you go!

  6. Wow I just want to run one 5K I cant imagine 13 good luck

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