Saturday, February 16, 2013

Great Things Are Happening at Macy’s!

A while ago I wrote about the Rwanda Path to Peace products that are available at Macy’s to provide jobs and sustainable income for artists in Rwanda.

Today, I want to tell you about a couple more great things that are happening at Macy’s!

First up is their Heart of Haiti products.  Much like the Rwanda Path to Peace Products, Heart of Haiti provides some of the first sustainable work since the January 2010 earthquake. 


Artisans receive half the wholesale price for each item in the collection, a steady income that allows them to repair homes, pay school fees and feed and clothe their children. In communities lacking secure, sanitary conditions and funding to support economic relief, it means better access to healthcare and nutrition, plus improved education.



These tea leaf nesting trays from the collection are absolutely gorgeous! They are sturdy and the colors are vibrant.  I gave a set to my mother and she is going to hang them up on the wall, where they will add a great splash of color to the room.  They would also be great on top of your dresser to hold jewelry or perfume.

Check out the whole collection for more great artisan pieces.

Next, I wanted to tell you about Macy’s Culinary Council, an exclusive council of expert chefs from across the US.  The chefs have restaurants at select Macy’s locations, share tips & recipes on the Macy’s website and you could even meet one of them when they are visiting a store near you!



On Valentine’s Day, I tried out chef Marcus Samuelsson’s recipe for a Fresh Citrus Wine Cooler.  It was pretty easy to make and amazingly delicious.  Check out the recipe at the bottom of this post.


The hardest part was squeezing all the fruit, I had to squeeze the juice from 2 oranges, 2 lemons and 2 limes into a pan.  It was too bad that my husband was in the shower, or else I would have made him do it!


I squeezed all the fruit facing up so that the seeds wouldn’t fall into the pan.  One of the lemons, however, had about 20 seeds in it and there was no stopping them!


The recipe called for a dry white wine, but I chose to use Sauvignon Blanc.  One, because it is my favorite white wine and two, I’ve always thought it pairs really well with the citrus. 


Another thing I did differently was straining the mixture after it had cooled.  I love ginger, but I didn’t want any chunks of it in my drink! Also, I wanted to eliminate any seeds that may have slipped in.


This was definitely a hit and I can’t wait to sip on this in the summertime, maybe floating around on the boat!


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Disclaimer: Everywhere provided me with product from Macy's Heart of Haiti. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own.


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