Wednesday, May 29, 2013

5 Ways to Get Back Into Running

In a running slump

So you’ve fallen into a slump with running? Yeah, so have I.

I used to love running and I still really want to love running but my allergies this year have been horrendous.  The last time I ran outside, I felt like I was dying.  I’ve been trying to run on the treadmill, but it’s just not fun.  Now that my allergies are starting to subside, I think I can go out and run again but I need some re-motivation.  So here are my 5 ways to get back into running!

1. New tunes.  I love listening to music when I’m running, but I’m pretty sure I’ve been listening to the same playlist since I began running.  So why not download some new songs you would love to listen to and not let yourself hear them until you go running.  This way you are excited to get out there and listen to your tunes!

2. New Course. Every once in awhile, it’s nice to have a change of scenery.  If you’ve been running the same route for some time, head on over to and check out where other people in your neighborhood are running or make your own new route.

3. New Gear. Let’s face it, new running gear is exciting. However, I’m not saying you should go out and spend a ton of money in hopes that it will motivate you to run. You need to earn it.  Find something you really want, make a jar and pay yourself a dollar for every mile you run.  The more you run, the faster it will take!

4. New Reads. There are so many blogs out there about running, written by people who love running! Other people’s enthusiasm can be contagious.  Check out Running Bloggers and catch the running bug!

5. New Races.  It’s good to have goals. Find a race your really want to run and sign up. The thought of having to run with a bunch of runners should make you want to train!  Check out Running in the USA for a list of races in your area.

Now get out and run! Did any of these tips help you? Do you have any advice of your own?


  1. It seems to me that running, like lots of other things only works when you're motivated. Your suggestions are very good ways to motivate yourself to get moving. Sometimes you've gotta psych yourself up!!


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