Friday, May 24, 2013

Fitness Magazine’s #FitBlogNYC ‘13 Recap - Part 2

After all of the fabulous speakers at the Fitness Magazine Meet & Tweet, (you can read about it here.) We headed inside to check out booths from all of the event’s sponsors.

Athleta was there showcasing a ton of awesome styles from their summer collection.  They had a ton of great pieces and I might have to get myself a swimsuit… and about 12 other things!

Camelbak, as I mentioned in my first post, gave us all water bottles when we signed in and they also sponsored a “hydration station” to keep the H2O flowing all day!

Crystal Light has samples of their new Crystal Light liquid that you can squirt right into your water.  It’s great because you could control how much flavor you put into the water.


Ford Fiesta had a really fun photo booth setup – I swear, I haven’t been drinking in these pictures!  Wendy and I were cracking up because we kept missing the camera!

At the Marmot booth I met Paige Claassen, a rock climber who is about to embark on a year-long worldwide rock climbing adventure.  She will be raising money for a different non-profit each month with the Lead Now tour, Marmot and Fitness magazine.

Reebok had a great display of all of their fun, colorful, sneakers! I was so excited to find a new pair of their Sublite sneakers in my gift bag!

Saucony had a mini shoe store set up and I was fit for a new pair of Kinvara 4 natural motion performance running shoes.

balancedbloggerThe Smart Balance booth was a bunch of fun! They had out these amazing peanut butter balls out to sample and they were handing out free jars of peanut butter to anyone who put on a super-awesome #balancedblogger headband and balanced on the bosu ball!

At the Tonalin booth, we learned all about Tonalin CLA a naturally-sourced supplement that helps increase lean muscle mass.


Vichy let us view a hilarious video from their new campaign, #celluliteconfessions.  I am now pretty much obsessed with their Cellu Destock lotion and their foaming sunscreen!

After visiting the booths, I sat down for lunch and recharged my poor, dying, phone.  I grabbed a beet hummus wrap and a raw “ceasar salad” with kale and a soaked cashew dressing.  It was soooo good!

After lunch, I relaxed for a bit and chatted with some of the other bloggers and then headed off to my first ever group fitness class. I was a little nervous Jennifer Turnerabout it, especially since I picked the dance party class and I am completely uncoordinated.  A bunch of the other girls (everyone was so nice, btw) told me not to worry about it and just have fun. So, I checked my anxiety at the door and headed into the “movement” room at the Mercedes Club.

The founder of Mad Cool Fitness, Jennifer Turner, was our instructor for the Mad Cool Dance Party and let me tell you, it was mad cool.  She cranked up the music and told us to have fun.  Although, I couldn’t do all the moves just like Jennifer, I still had a blast.  She mixed dance moves with good ol’ fashioned moves like squats and lunges.  Her energy was was contagious and by the end of the class I was feeling empowered as we cooled down to Alicia Keys “Girl On Fire.” It was a great workout and I was feeling it the next day!

After the class it was time to grab our gift bags and say our good-byes. The gift bag was epic but, I will save that for another post!

I carried all of this for 17 blocks!!


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