Monday, June 24, 2013

Mamavation Monday

Happy Summer! mondaysgraphicwbrown1

Last Monday my husband started Crossfit. He goes 3 nights a week with one of his friends and he has really been enjoying it. I’m really proud of him and I love hearing about what he did and the nutrition advice they’ve given him when he gets home. Unfortunately, his gym time has cut into my gym time!

So, I turned to my workout dvds. I had been doing my accelerated pilates dvd almost daily but, I was kind of bored with all of them. Then I came across Tap Out XT. My husband had bought it awhile back but never really got into it. It’s a P90x or Insanity type program. I started last Tuesday and I love it! I’m really surprised since each workout it 45 minutes – and hour long. I’ve made it through 7 days so far and only have 83 more to go! – Ha! I’m hoping I love it enough to make it through all 90 days. Wish me luck!


  1. Woot woot!!! Way to adapt and get it done.... I get exercise ADD and have to switch up my workouts every 4-8 weeks :D

  2. yay!! Good luck with the workout and hopefully you get through all 83 more days, I know you can do it and kick butt!!

  3. So many people love Crossfit. It's just not my thing. I LOVE DVDs though. It's so easy to switch out. I also love the On Demand workouts my cable has, which are nice for even more variety without paying for more. Congrats on some awesome progress!

  4. Very cool! We don't have Cross Fit here, but that's something I'd love to try. Glad you got your husband working out...any tips? My man needs it :)


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