Monday, July 1, 2013

Mamavation Monday- 5K number 5

Another Monday and another week of TapOut XT down! I’m still keeping my momentum going and haven’t missed a day so far and more importantly, I am still really enjoying it.  So, today I finished Week 2 and tomorrow I start week 3!

2013-06-30 09.13.04I’ve been feeling great and I even ran a 5K on my “rest” day. It was great, my whole family came with me and my older son ran in the kids fun run beforehand. It was really cute.

Spiderman was there and he helped all the kids stretch and made sure everyone’s shoes were tied.  Then he ran with them to make sure everyone stayed on track (literally)

2013-06-30 09.25.33



Go, go, go!


Then, the most amazing thing happened….



2013-06-30 09.54.11

My son came in third place for boys 6 and under!! We’re so proud of him!

After he received his trophy, I headed out for my run.  I finished in 33:40!

2013-06-30 10.47.07

5K number 5 of #13in2013 done!


  1. Congratulations to you both! Way to set an example for your son. :)

  2. And thanks so much for all the great pix you took and kept all of us at home informed of all the great news! Love you, GaGa

  3. Great job! I love that feeling of having momentum with something... keep at it! And I love your shoes... the brighter, the better, right? :D


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