Sunday, July 27, 2014

10K Training Week 2

A day late, but I just finished week 2 of Run Double’s 0 to 10K training.  This weeks plan consisted of 3 runs with 6 repetitions of 260 yards running, followed by 350 yards walking.  My best time was 22:47.  I also did some pre and post run yoga workouts this week which I loved!

It was really freakin’ hot this week so I made sure to stay hydrated.  I drink a big glass of water before I run and I bring my NATHAN water bottle with me.  I have a running belt that’s been waiting around for me to go on a long run, but the water bottle from the belt is the perfect size to carry with me during these shorter runs.  I actually could really use one of their handhelds!


They also have some helpful information and make this really handy (and funny) guide to see just how hydrated (or dehydrated) you are!


Are you ready to go or do you need to top off the tanks, so to speak? Ask any doctor or healthcare professional and they’ll tell you that a proper hydration plan includes a pre, during and post activity hydration plan. Here’s a good guideline to use when preparing for an outdoor workout, whether it's walking, running, biking or tennis:

· Before: Drink about 16-20 ounces of fluid one to two hours before the activity.

· During: Drink 4-6 ounces every 15-20 minutes to keep your muscles well-hydrated. If you are planning an hour-long walk or gym workout, fill a water bottle with about 16 ounces (2 cups) and take it with you.

· After: Drink up after you're finished with your exercise. At least drink 20 ounces of fluid or until your pee runs clear.

How great is that? Have a great week! And STAY HYDRATED!!

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